Discipleship Cohort

Ø  Experience Jesus’ model of discipleship

Ø  Discover God’s Unfolding Story

Ø  Increase your understanding of your own story

Ø  Experience using your spiritual gifts

Ø  Explore how to more fully engage in community

Ø  Deeply connect with the Lord and with others

Ø  Develop tools to implement discipleship in your own life

Ø  Explore Scripture and develop tools for studying and applying it

Ø  Practice life rhythms

Ø  Participate in prayer and listening

Ø  Learn how to live missionally


Information for our 2019 Cohort will be AVAILABLE soon!

Join us for an intentional and relational experience of challenge, encouragement and transformation!  Many of us long for greater depth in relationships and for increased meaning in our lives.  The Hesed Project Discipleship Cohort invites you to explore questions, gain experience, increase knowledge and foster vulnerability. The intensive is a cohort of 12 individuals who meet weekly as a group.  In addition, the leaders will meet with you bimonthly one-on-one for spiritual formation and support.  We also recommend participating in a three-day retreat to culminate the experience.



Space is limited to 12 participants.  

Cost: $200 per month

Retreat: $300 (recommended participation but optional)

Scholarships may be available; to apply please speak with Nick or Rebecca.

For more information, please call 719.650.9678.